Get Your Booking Done for Vacation Rental Homes in Texas
Everything's greater in Texas, and this super-sized district is full of vacation opportunities, from city breaks in charming Dallas or hipster-hangout Austin to family fun in Houston, with its space center and museums. Several Texas vacation rentals by Fee Free Stays can also be spotted on the coast, where you'll relish long sandy beaches and the warm, clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Texas is also packed with friendly small towns just off the beaten track, such as Marfa, well-known for its energetic contemporary art scene, and the traditionally Texan town of Amarillo, which is full of farms and cowboy-themed attractions.

What are the Tourist Attractions Available Near Texas Vacation Rentals?
Houston is at the core of the space industry, and Space Center Houston lets you get up near to spaceships that have returned from missions.
It includes the command module from Apollo 11, the first moon landing, and a full-size model of Space Shuttle Independence, where you can take a voyage and see how astronauts survived.
Take a tram drive of Rocket Park, and try Mission Mars, a simulation of what a journey to Mars might be like.
Before returning to your Texas vacation rentals, book a concert at the Burke Baker Planetarium and learn deeper about the deepest space.

How is the Local Weather in Texas Vacation Home?
Different regions of Texas have different atmospheres, although most of the state is hot and sunny most of the year. East Texas and most of the major cities have high humidity throughout the summer, with temperatures often beating the mid-90s. It's a little cooler and more relaxed by the coast, which is why it's famous for Texas vacation home, while the western part of Texas is dry and parched. Spring and fall are sunny without being too hot, while most winters are short and mild. Hurricanes infrequently hit Texas, with August and September the most anticipated for storms.

What All You Can Do Near Texas Vacation Homes by Fee Free Stays?
In Texas, you can travel the wild without leaving the city. Houston Zoo is packed with exotic animals from all around the world, and as you roam around the trails, you'll find playful monkeys, friendly giraffes, and prowling tigers.
The Houston Museum of Natural Science is a fabulous place to learn about animals of the past, with evidence of dinosaur bones and dioramas showing how nature evolved. Get in touch with Fee Free Stays and book your vacation home at affordable rates!